By Tanner Stransky
September 04, 2009 at 07:00 PM EDT
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That sculpture artist guy Daniel Edwards who’s famous for making sculptures of famous Hollywood types — you know, the Britney-on-bear-skin-rug atrociousness and the Paris-disemboweled disgustingness — has struck again. His target? Angelina Jolie. And her twins. No, not those twins. But, you know, those twins. Well, wait, actually both sets of twins. Oh, just watch the video and you’ll get what I’m talking about:

The funny thing about this video is that Edwards seems rather earnest when talking about his work. Is that possible? Isn’t this all just a huge publicity ploy? (Whether it is or isn’t doesn’t much matter, I guess, because he is getting lots of publicity; I realize I’m guilty of giving it to him, too.) Edwards talks about this statue almost being a metaphor, or rather “symbolism,” for the larger idea of breast-feeding in public. But for reals, dude, this is the way you’re going to bring attention to what you think is an important topic? Seems more like a way to drum up some attention for yourself.

Oh, and also, in case you’re interested for THAT reason: The statue is not hot. I mean, Angelina Jolie is hot. But not breast-feeding babies in the nude. Just… no.

Anyway, what do you think PopWatchers? Do you like this latest statue from Edwards? Do you think he is really as earnest as he appears to be in this video? Are you feeling more informed about the debate for breast-feeding in public after viewing the statue?

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