As we all know, there’s no new True Blood episode this Labor Day weekend. The season finale is Sept. 13.

But should we do without True Blood this weekend? Hell, no! Today I’m inviting you to participate in my “Write Your Own True Blood Episode” competition.

Here’s the deal:

Starting now until Sunday at 9 a.m. EST, please use the Comments section below to write a quick summary of the True Blood episode you wish was airing this Sunday, Sept. 6.

All I’d like is a few sentences, sketching the outline of a plot. You can keep it simple: Describe an episode in a way similar to those “log lines” that your cable provider gives you. You know, like, “Bill asks the Vampire Queen for help; Sookie and Lafayette try to save Tara but encounter an angry Maryann” — that sort of thing. (If you want to refresh your memory about last week’s episode, here’s my Watching TV blog on it.)

The key is to describe plot and character elements that fit into the current storyline, that you know would please and amuse show creator Alan Ball, book author Charlaine Harris, and be fun for your fellow fans. It’s your chance to write the imaginary second-to-last episode of Season Two!

Sound like fun? Try it; you don’t have to write a long entry.

And on Sunday night, Sept. 6, at 9 p.m. EST, when True Blood would usually air a new episode, I’ll announce some winners in a few categories: The Best Written, The Funniest, The Craziest. (Maybe the Sexiest. But keep the language clean, you sly filthy fangsters.) No prizes except for the fun of being picked and enjoying everyone’s take on Bill, Sookie, Eric, Maryann, and all our favorites.

Ready? On your mark, get set, go! Start writing your own True Blood episode below!