By Mandi Bierly
Updated September 03, 2009 at 09:56 PM EDT

Burn Notice creator Matt Nix has inked a deal to exec produce Jack and Dan, what he calls a 13-episode “action comedy cop show,” for Fox. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series is based on a film script Nix wrote nearly 10 years ago: “It centers on Jack, an ambitious, by-the-book cop who is partnered with Dan, a drunken, lecherous, wild-card cop who hangs onto his job only because of a heroic act years before.” I say those sound like perfect roles for Burn Notice‘s Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell, respectively. Seriously, the trade says production on each show will be staggered to accommodate Nix. So why couldn’t Donovan and Campbell pull double duty as well? Donovan would keep the “by-the-book cop” from being boring, and Campbell is never more charming than when he’s holding a beer (or mojito) and talking about the ladies. Nix says the show will follow the cops, the criminals, and the unexpected ways they clash: Scenarios we know Donovan and Campbell can milk. And frankly, I’d like them on my TV year round.

Do you support my Double Donovan/Campbell campaign? If not, suggest better leads for Jack and Dan. I dare you!

Photo Credit: Glenn Watson/USA Network