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EW’s Music Mix is searching for the Greatest Guilty Pleasure Musical Act of All Time. With 16 seeded contestants remaining (see all the matchups), this tournament is continuing to change hearts, minds, and lives, as well as make some people remarkably agitated! Read/listen to the following, and then cast your vote in the poll after the jump; reader comments will be used from here on out, so we encourage you to also post a comment explaining why you chose the way you did. Note: In case of a tie, please select the artist you feel more ashamed to adore. Also note: Yes, the bracket was rearranged to be in proper bracketing order. Thank you.

Despite a last-minute audible that pitted hair-metal powerhouse Poison against Hall & Oates, Daryl and John prevailed in Round One. They now face a formidable foe — can the sort of devotion that inspires Halloween costumes carry them through?

“Hall & Oates all the way. They have way better songs: She’s Gone, Maneater, Make My Dreams Come True, Out of Touch, One on One, Can’t Go for That, Private Eyes, Rich Girl..Do I need to go on?” — Lolita

“Hall and Oates are only beating Poison by about 20%? That’s what is wrong with America. Poison isn’t even the best guilty pleasure hair metal band (That woud be the Crue) let alone a band with enough juice to take out the mighty, mighty mustache of one Mr. John Oates.” — kat hayes

“I hate to be the cliche guy who is like “Theres nothing guilty about……” but theres nothing guilty about Hall and Oates. I dont know anyone, literally, who when the opening synthesizer/drum beat of “I Can’t Go For That” comes on, or the opening bass riff to “Maneater”, or that guitar riff that opens up “Private Eyes” (in addition to that video being hilariously awesome), and says “Ugh, this sucks, turn this off”. Why? Because its AWESOME! In fact, I challenge anyone to listen to Maneater and not catch themselves either humming that bass line or being like “Whooaaaaa here she comes” for the rest of the day.” — Hutchy

“The first time I heard ‘Private Eyes’ on the radio, the song wasn’t half way over before I had already begun clapping with the claps in the song. And the pseudo mullet/fro and mustache combo=magic.” — Kaitlin Miller

It was a classic case of respecting your elders: Relative children Fall Out Boy succumbed to the superiority of Journey without putting up very much of a fight at all. At this point, our readers seem to have decided one should feel guilty if they don’t like the sound of Steve Perry’s voice.

“I don’t get this one. What’s wrong with Journey? I was in middle school and high school during their heyday and all these years later I still love to listen to them. I’m not embarrassed to say that at all.” — Jill

“I just love Journey, Steve Perry is the ultimate voice that I could listen to everyday! No guilt — none at at all! I hope he comes out of retirement someday to sing to us again. It’s like he sings to (us) ya know. I have gotten through some real tough stuff because of Journey’s music and I could not have lived through somethings without it.” — STACE

“Journey by a mile — with or without Randy Jackson.” — MsDaisy

“I thought Journey was the most contrived corny band for the longest time, but something happened back in like ’04, I just got it one day. It’s like, yeah they are so melodramatic and we get it joe [steve] perry can hit that magic note that makes your balls tingle, but somewhere in that mix it becomes this universal voice that isnt trying to be anything other than vulnerable and sincere, it is music that speaks to anyone with a shred of sensitivity, although many would never admit as much due to testosterone levels.” — Rick

“I’m sorry, but when you are a forty something mother driving 6 teenagers in the car and you are ALL belting out Don’t Stop Believin’ — it just doesn’t get any better than that.” — Al

Photo Credit: Journey: Roger Ressmeyer/Corbis

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