By EW Staff
Updated September 02, 2009 at 01:47 PM EDT

Today, an anonymous source sent PopWatch a copy of an email Michael Ausiello sent to Columbia regarding the fake Smurf movie poster making rounds on the Internet this week. (A rep for Columbia confirms that the image is “not the beginning of our campaign nor was it done by the studio’s creative ad team.”) Below is the full-text.

Dear Columbia marketing department:

I have a quick question about the Smurf movie poster that leaked onto the Web yesterday: WTF? We had an agreement that any/all marketing materials connected with the Smurf feature film were to be approved by me, the world’s foremost expert in all things blue and mushroomy. That’s what makes me think this one-sheet is an unfinished proof and not the final product. Assuming that is the case, here are my notes: His ears are sticking out too far. Let’s bring those suckers in about an inch. Also, unless this is is Bigfoot Smurf, his tootsies are about two sizes too big. Finally, in the copy, replace “little friend” with “blue buddy.”

I’m heading out of town Friday for a little Labor Day R+R so I’ll need to see an updated proof no later than noon Thursday. And please plug the leak in your office before something even more damaging gets out — like that horrid rough cut of the teaser trailer. Speaking of which, you’ll have my notes on that by day’s end.

Smurfingly yours,

Michael Ausiello