This is a big week for religious-minded rock with two Christian bands making their mark on the album charts. South Carolina quartet NEEDTOBREATHE (who hail from the fabulously-named town of Possum Kingdom) hit the number 20 spot with their third collection, The Outsiders. More impressively, and harder-rockingly, Memphis outift Skillet placed second, behind Colbie Caillat, with their latest CD, Awake.

The big question: Does the success of these Christian rockers say something about the problems that are facing America at present? Skillet singer John Cooper clearly thinks so. On the band’s website he is quoted as saying that, “We’re living in crazy times right now between the news that seems to get crazier every day and all the uncertainly throughout society in general. Everything we sing about on this album is something someone can relate to, and if anything, the songs will let you know you’re not alone.”

What do you think of the tracks by Skillet and and NEEDTOBREATHE embedded below? Do you agree that people are turning to Christian rock in these difficult times? Or are the chart placings by the two bands just a coincidental blip?

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