DVD State of Play

In this A-List remake of the sizzling 2003 BBC miniseries, a hard-nosed journalist (Russell Crowe) gets tangled up in a political scandal that involves his old friend, a congressman (Ben Affleck) with plenty of secrets to hide. Read our review

TV Toddlers & Tiaras new episode (TLC, 10 p.m.)

A newcomer, a local, and a veteran compete in the National Gold Coast Pageant in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., on TLC’s juicy pageant reality show.

Music “These Are My Twisted Words,” Radiohead

The surprises keep coming for Radiohead fans. The band is giving away this new track for free via their website. It’s a perfectly strange tune, full of ominous guitar work and haunted vocals that don’t kick in til halfway through the track. Hear this song and read our take

Books Catching Fire (Hunger Games Series #2), Suzanne Collins

With the Hunger Games behind them, Peeta and Katniss move on to a Capitol-sponsored victory tour in Collins’ highly anticipated follow-up. But they aren’t out of danger as, be warned, the Capitol wants revenge. Read our review of ‘Catching Fire’

Tech Game: Champions Online

The ultra-customizable hero game — set within the lushly rendered Millennium City — finally comes out of development to take the MMO world by storm. You want to go to there

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