By Annie Barrett
Updated September 02, 2009 at 09:08 PM EDT
Michael O'Neill/ABC

Diane Sawyer will replace her former Good Morning America co-anchor, the retiring Charles Gibson, as anchor of ABC’s World News, which means two out of the big three networks’ nightly newscasts will now be hosted by women. Yes! It’ll be ladies’ night, every night, a veritable Brian Williams sandwich.

Sawyer’s promotion makes sense: She has a strong background in news, a grave and soothing voice, and, as a 63-year-old professional (who looks way younger than that), really should get to sleep in later than 4 a.m. To learn more about Sawyer’s impressive career in television journalism, look no further than a friendly YouTube search, popular results of which include “Diane Sawyer Drunk” and “Diane Sawyer — INCREDIBLE LEGS.” She must be so glad the Internet exists today. We can all relate!

Fewer people are watching the nightly news than ever before, and NBC consistently wins the time slot against World News Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News. I don’t see Sawyer’s presence shaking up the numbers in 2010, but I could be wrong. Will Diane Sawyer test your allegiance to another network’s nightly news? Related: Do you even watch the nightly news?