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EW’s Music Mix is searching for the Greatest Guilty Pleasure Musical Act of All Time. With 16 seeded contestants remaining (see all the matchups), this tournament is continuing to change hearts, minds, and lives, as well as make some people remarkably agitated! Read/listen to the following, and then cast your vote in the poll after the jump; reader comments will be used from here on out, so we encourage you to also post a comment explaining why you chose the way you did. Note: In case of a tie, please select the artist you feel more ashamed to adore. Also note: Yes, the bracket was rearranged to be in proper bracketing order. Thank you.

Celine Dion had a surprisingly hard time defeating Will Smith in Round One, either because the former’s fans refused to believe in the guilty aspects of her work, or because Will Smith is really, really awesome.

“Nothing about my love for Celine Dion makes sense. I am a 19 year old straight college student who loves sports, girls, and basically everything a kid my age is supposed to. And yet, I spent almost $1,000 of my hard-earned summer money to see Celine Dion live in concert — twice, no less — while sitting in the front row.” — Doron

“I am also a 19 (soon to be 20) – year old college student who has been in love with Celine since age 7. I blame my mom for my love of her, since she was the one who introduced me to her. Celine always spoken to me though, in a way. I can listen to her music for hours on end, and her 100% genuine personality never fails to make me smile. I used to be much more open about my love for her until the kids at school started endlessly ridiculing me. I won’t say I’m ashamed to love her, but I’m definitely more low-key about it now.” — Amanda

“Celine is pure Velveeta, but she does have an amazing voice. So yes, I do listen. And yes, I feel like I’ve just overdosed on cotton candy. And yes, I just mixed food metaphors. Celine does that to me: that’s why she gets my vote.” — Lisa Simpson

“My vote will go on! Team Celine!” — Andy

In a battle for the soul of the ’90s, Ace of Base outmanned Stone Temple Pilots to move on. Apparently, the world still sees (and loves) “The Sign” — but can they rally enough popular support to overcome “The Chest Thumper”?

“Ace of Base is one of my favorite bands of all time. Like ABBA and Roxette, they have that uncanny Swedish ability to produce music that endears them to people of all ages.” — Moody Saaber

“dont turn around cause youre gonna see my heart breakin. dont turn around i dont want you seeing me cry-y-y. just walk away, its tearing me apart that youre leaving, i’m letting you go-o-o. but i wont let you know! ahhh good times ace of base… good times” — paige

“My sister had the AoB cassette (yes, cassette) and I still probably know all the words to every song on that CD.” — Allison

“I was finishing high school/starting college when these two bands were having their early success. ‘The Sign’ was my absolute favorite song in 1994 and, while it was a catchy tune, I have no idea why I was so enamored with it. For sheer cheesiness, I think the edge goes to Ace of Base.” — Tom in STL

Photo Credit: Celine Dion: Everett Collection; Ace of Base: Andre Csillag/Rex USA/Everett Collection

Ace of Base
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