Think you’ve solved the mystery of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol? (C’mon, you know you spent hours trying to decode that cover in July!) Well, prepare to become more confused (or vindicated): NBC’s Today is offering Robert Langdon fans the opportunity to garner more clues with the show’s build-up to the book’s Sept. 15 release.

For an entire week — starting Sept. 8 — the morning show will reveal exclusive information, via Matt Lauer, about pivotal locations featured in the novel. If you crack the clue, you can log onto to enter your best guesses. (Answers will not be revealed until the day after Symbol‘s release, of course).

Since I’m not the most devout of Brown’s readers, I ask you, Shelf Lifers: Would determining the book’s key locations actually help you determine the plot of the book? Since Symbol apparently focuses on the Freemasons — and Doubleday already announced that much of the action takes place in Washington, D.C. — wouldn’t most of the locations be fairly obvious already? (I’m thinking Washington Monument, the Capitol building, etc.). True, landmarks always play a big role in Brown’s books, but since most of of Brown’s locations harbor secret, often fictionalized meanings previously unknown to us readers, wouldn’t it be meaningless to try to piece together the plot from the settings alone?

Am I totally Langdon ignorant or what? Fill me in, friends! And will you tune into Today, if only to see their interview with Brown Sept. 15?