By Margaret Lyons
September 01, 2009 at 05:16 PM EDT
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Ooooh, new photos from the set of the upcoming Sex and the City sequel. And my, what a totally sane, attractive outfit: The white dress is simple and elegant, the chunky necklace gives it character-perfect contrast, and the air-dried hair puts everything on a “what, this old thing?” wavelength. Come to mama.

Part of me hates myself for caring about this movie — ugh, puns — but I so, so do. I can’t escape the show’s strange forcefield: When I see a rerun of it, I watch. (And those reruns are always on in pairs — I couldn’t help but wonder, is there a subtle message about couplehood tucked in TBS’s scheduling? — so I wind up watching two.) I started caring about these characters 11 years ago, back when Charlotte had terrible hairdos and awkward tops, and Miranda’s shoes looked like alien abortions. There are parts of that show that are so tattooed on my brain that asking if I like it is like asking if I like being a native English speaker: Yes, it’s working out famously. But how would I even know the difference?

So I can’t help it. I am completely psyched. We have made made our plot wishes and wondered about the legacy of Mr. Big, but I’m not actually that worried about the specifics. Based on these photos, Carrie/SJP looks awesome, something fun and enchanting is happening, and comfortable, flattering dresses will be all the rage. Good enough for me!

But is it good enough for you, PopWatchers?

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