I didn’t think The Office could top Amy Ryan. But then I found out that Greg Daniels & Co. decided to cast Linda Purl as Mrs. Beasley, Pam’s mom.

I know what you’re thinking: “Huh? You’re putting Linda Purl in the same league as Amy Ryan? Who is Linda Purl anyway?” Even EW’s very own Ausiello referred to Purl as “a relatively unknown actress.”

Now, I’d like to take the opportunity to rile up my fellow Matlock fans and say: For shame! Unknown? Purl spent countless hours accompanying me on sick days, causing me to develop an unhealthy obsession with the show. I even flirted with the idea of becoming a lawyer thanks to Matlock, before I realized the job was more about paperwork and less about banjo-playing (bummer). And Purl? Why, she was just a peach. In fact, Purl was the third best thing about the show, right behind Andy Griffith and Kene Holliday, the lawyer’s hard-working private investigator who never got the glory he deserved for doing, you know, all of his boss’ work.

I know what you’re thinking again: “Purl’s seasons of the show only had three characters, so you’re saying she was actually the worst of the three stars!” I’ll give you that. But still! It is really hard to beat Holliday. But the fact that someone from Matlock has become relevant again—well, you just can’t beat that.

Who else is pumped?

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