EW’s Music Mix is searching for the Greatest Guilty Pleasure Musical Act of All Time. With 16 seeded contestants remaining (see all the matchups), this tournament is continuing to change hearts, minds, and lives, as well as make some people remarkably agitated! Read/listen to the following, and then cast your vote in the poll after the jump; reader comments will be used from here on out, so we encourage you to also post a comment explaining why you chose the way you did. Note: In case of a tie, please select the artist you feel more ashamed to adore. Also note: Yes, the bracket was rearranged to be in proper bracketing order. Thank you.

Britney took down the Pussycat Dolls in Round One, and it was no contest: Brit-Brit scored 80% of the vote, and at least one marriage proposal.

“Of course it’s got to be Britney. She may have started out as a guilty pleasure but it’s the fact that she survived a period in her life that would have destroyed anyone else that makes her the Cher of our times. Nothing can bring her down, and her power hooks will leave you breathless on the dance floor.” — Mozz

“…a world without Britney Spears is not a world that I want to live in. My world would turn to black if she stopped singing and entertaining. Britney you have my heart and soul and I wish you nothing but the best in your life forever. I LOVE YOU and I wish one day we could meet and fall in love because you deserve a good man which I am and I would take such good care of you that you would never want me to leave.” — Anthony

“PCD, The Spice Girls, The Go Go Girls. Just like the television Star Trek franchise, you can give it many different titles in hopes to appeal to the audience. But in the end it’s the same old thing. Now, on the other hand we have Britney, whom for some ungodly reason no matter how controversial, i find myself like the proverbial fat guy at the local Golden Corral All You Can Eat Buffet: i just can’t seem to get enough. Say what you will about her but at the very least she can proudly tell her children she never slept with Dennis Rodman.” — movienut

Just when you think the tweens are taking over the world, they let one of their heroes falter: Lady Gaga had no problem with Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, and several of our more highbrow readers were frankly offended by the comparison.

“This is ridiculous. Obviously it’s Lady Gaga. Look at the percentage. Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana SUCKS! Do you think we’re 5 year olds here?” — jason

“Totally GaGa. Her flamboyance makes you ashamed to say you like her, but those songs are catchier than the swine flu, and she can really sing her weird-hair-bow off. GaGa by a mile.” — PDT

“Lady Gaga may be a guilty pleasure, but she sure as hell is a talented performer. And her songs are more than mindless pop, they’re holding a mirror up to our culture. As much as I secretly love Miley (which is a lot), Gaga is pop culture, and she’s not going anywhere.” — Chris