I have to tell you, Music Mixers, I am loathe to post this new clip from the Backstreet Boys.

And not for the reasons you think — I’m not at all averse to wanting it that way; Lou Pearlman‘s Orlando pop factory produced some fantastic stuff. But this “comeback” below is giving me a major case of the sads.

First of all, they all look like uncomfortable dads who got dragged to an all-you-can-grab sale at Wilsons Leather. Second, they seem to be making a semi-desperate play for the current vampire saturation in pop culture (also, major shades of the opening club scene in Blade), what with the fangy teeths, red eyes, and Day Walker lore. And third — I don’t know, but their hearts just don’t seem in it.

So yeah, I’m not sure the transition to Backstreet Men is quite a graceful one. But you tell me, readers — especially all you who came out to represent the Boys in our Guilty Pleasures poll –is this the Backstreet evolution you hoped for?

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