This weekend, the new, Ben Lyons-less version of At The Movies will premiere, with pipin’-fresh hosts A. O. Scott (from The New York Times) and Michael Phillips (from The Chicago Tribune). Check your local listings. At The Movies, after a period spent hyping movies with gaseous air (well, Lyons’ co-host Ben Mankiewicz wasn’t bad — it’s just that the Other Ben made the show another ridiculous enterprise that cynically thinks anyone born after 1985 isn’t interested in the history of movies), seems to have gone for intelligence and experience this time around. This preview is certainly encouraging:

I mean, when was the last time you heard anyone on TV say, “[Growing up,] criticism was something I always enjoyed”? It’s enough to make film buffs — hell, criticism buffs of any kind — feel something like joy.

But will it get ratings? Will you be watching the new, doubtlessly improved At The Movies?