I’m totally in love with the new R.J. Cutler documentary, The September Issue, chronicling the assembling of Vogue‘s September 2007 edition. In fact, my only beef with the movie was its 90-minute running time, seeing how I’d have happily sat through five more hours. And that gave me an idea. Considering how many bad TV shows have centered around working in magazines (anyone remember MTV’s horrible I’m From Rolling Stone?), why couldn’t Cutler take all his unused footage and turn it into a limited-run series, focusing on everything from the wackiness of Andre Leon Talley (hello kimonos!) to the fascinating history of Grace Coddington? Pretty please? Sure, I’d take a consolation prize of DVD extras, but I still say The September Issue: The Series has breakout potential. If you’re with me, turn the comments section into an online petition! Go!