In the wake of Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein’s death on Friday, one question has been looming about his final project, Gone Too Far, a reality-TV drug intervention series on MTV. Simply: Will the show ever see the light of day? An MTV spokesperson told EW on Aug. 31 that “no decision has been made yet” on whether it will air. It’s a sticky situation for MTV, to say the least, seeing as how the cause of Goldstein’s death remains inconclusive and could possibly have been related to drugs. Gone Too Far was originally slated for an Oct. 5 premiere.

EW received a rough cut of Gone Too Far‘s first episode from MTV just days before Goldstein’s death. The premiere episode features Goldstein attempting to help a 20-year-old heroin addict, Gina (pictured), who spends $200 a day on drugs. Our preview of the episode is after the jump.

The program finds the celebrity spinner interviewing the young addict and her family. During the episode, Goldstein also talks candidly about his own, well-documented drug problems. While driving through Hartford, Conn., to Gina’s house, he says: “Heroin is the No. 2 drug of choice here. Crack being the No. 1 choice. My former choice of drug use. And it’s everywhere.” He adds: “Drugs are easy to find. Let me tell you.”

To illustrate that point, Goldstein walks into a sketchy bodega to purchase a crack pipe and a “ghetto grape soda” for a total of $2.35. Afterwards, he seems somewhat startled about the emotions the situation stirred up. “My heart’s still racing a little bit because I was just holding a crack pipe, which I haven’t held in a long time.”

It’s definitely an unsettling viewing experience to see Goldstein deal so frankly with the subject of drugs—whether it’s buying the pipe or examining a heroin addict’s bruised arms—so soon after his death. And while the cause of his death is unknown, just knowing Goldstein’s history with drugs makes watching him counsel others about kicking the habit seem oddly noble and yet disturbing at the same time.

Check back for updates on MTV’s plans for Gone Too Far.

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