I think we can all agree on one thing after this week’s episode of True Blood (I mean besides the fact that Jason walking into a tree was sure-fire hilarious — nice writing, Alan Ball!): Evan Rachel Wood, playing Sophie-Ann, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, made the best TV entrance of the year.


“Want to join me?” asked Sophie-Ann, going down on a willing young woman as only a vampire lesbian can. There was nothing for True Blood to do but go straight to the opening credits: How do you top an intro like that?

Series creator Alan Ball, who wrote this episode, made the choice to play a lot of this week’s episode for laughs and campiness. The exhilarating thing is, this decision did not preclude the hour from also being scary and suspenseful. Having Bill come to Sophie-Ann to ask how to defeat the maenad Maryann and be forced to stick around for an endless game of Yahtzee — I can see sales of this game going through the roof tomorrow.

Wood may have learned a thing or two about making menace comical from hanging around with Marilyn Manson. On the other hand, Manson never had Alan Ball writing his material, and so Sophie-Ann’s explanation of how to deal with Maryann was specific, fascinating, and funny. (That Dionysus — who knew hoping for “his coming” is like waiting for Godot?)

Speaking of Maryann, she may not have had much to do this evening, but what she did was terrific: I’d hand Michelle Forbes an Emmy just for the way she delivered the line, “Must I do everything myself?!”

While Jason and Andy prepared for Armageddon and a “zombie war,” as well as debating who’s had the more difficult life (Jason won, I think: “I work out like a m-f and I watch a lotta porn to learn stuff”), Sookie and Lafayette had to go try and rescue Tara from her reckless effort to save Eggs.

And I’ve left the best for last: Eric. Eric, lusting after two children (“teacup humans”). Eric, getting the best of Sam effortlessly. And Eric, giving a big fake sigh as he competed with Bill for Sookie, groaning, “Oh, Billy… ” Yes, on a night filled with superb performances, I think I have to give the biggest hand to Alexander Skarsgard.

So many questions to ask you:

What did you think of Sophie-Ann?

What did you make of that giant egg in the nest?

What was the funniest/scariest moment of the night?

And finally, how do you think True Blood is going to wrap things up in two weeks, on Sept. 13? (The 13th! Did Alan Ball plan it this way?)