How much wiki would a woodchuck wiki if a woodchuck could chuck wiki? Probably not much, what with the pesky lack of opposable thumbs. But London’s Telegraph newspaper does have a list of this year’s most-viewed items on the English-language version of web-based interactive info portal Wikipedia, and the industrious little rodents are not among them.

The biggies include Wiki itself (no. 1), the Beatles (no. 2), Michael Jackson (no. 3, though nowhere to be found on 2008’s top 50), Facebook (no. 10), and sex (no. 21, beaten by the TV series Scrubs at no. 20, no less).

Other odd top-50 bedfellows? Lil Wayne (no. 16) and Hilter (no. 17); WWI (no. 35) and Vagina (no. 36); Martin Luther King Jr. (no. 39) and Miley Cyrus (no. 40). As for content death-star Twilight, its orbit pulls in three spots: one for Robert Pattinson (no. 41), one for the 2008 film (no. 43), and one for Kristen Stewart (no. 47).

Popwatchers, what do you think this list says about our current culture? Are you a Wikipedier; and if so, how do you use it?

How do the 3 million-plus entries get on the site, anyway? Watch a quickie tutorial below: