''Batman: Arkham Asylum,'' ''The Twilight Saga,'' and more quality entertainment that won't hurt your wallet

By EW Staff
Updated August 28, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

The new PlayStation 3, hitting stores Sept. 1, boasts a slimmer profile, 40 gigs more memory, and, at $299, a much lighter price tag than previous models ($100 less, to be exact). So use that extra cash to pick up one of the most anticipated games of the fall, Batman: Arkham Asylum ($60). The dark adventure pits the Caped Crusader against the Joker and his army of outlaws, including Harley Quinn and Bane, who’ve taken over the asylum to — what else? — wreak havoc in Gotham City.

Is your MP3-buying habit music to your ears but devastation to your wallet? Then check out eMusic.com. The online music store covers all genres from rock to blues, but its real strength is in its indie inventory — so you can get your Justin Timberlake with a side of obscure Sunset Rubdown. A basic subscription will run you $11.99 for 24 downloads a month, with 25 free songs as a starting bonus. (Now that’s a whole lotta Grizzly Bear.)

If you haven’t gotten around to reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo or the new Richard Russo, Audible.com will help you catch up even while on the go with its library of more than 60,000 audiobooks, radio shows, and podcasts. Sign up for a three-month subscription ($7.49 for one audiobook per month) and, starting Aug. 30, you’ll get a 2G Philips GoGear digital audio player— normally $50 — for free.


— $15
Readers’ Picks
We asked EW readers how they would spend the cash on entertainment right now

”I just preordered my copy of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol for half off the list price [walmart.com; $15].”
— Keaton

Summer Heights High: It’s a mockumentary of school in Australia. Eight episodes of awesomeness [iTunes; $15.92].”
— Jack

— $25
Classics for Keeps
Great movies get better with age. And thanks to TCM, they’re getting cheaper, too. The Greatest Classic Films Collection series — with themes like murder mysteries (above), horror, and sci-fi — offers four golden oldies for the price of one (borders.com; $24).

— $50
Emma Roberts Says…
”I have not read any of the Twilight books or seen the movie, although I am filming a movie* with Taylor Lautner. I should probably know what all the fuss is about.” (The Twilight Saga Collection boxed set is $50 at amazon.com.)
*Valentine’s Day will be in theaters Feb. 12, 2010