Seems to be working, right? The Proposal, in which Sandra Bullock starred with the ever-Musty Ryan Reynolds, has gobbled up almost $160 million this summer, bypassing the domestic gross of last year’s Sex and the City movie. Next up for the rom-com queen is All About Steve with Bradley Cooper, out September 4. Anyone who’s been watching Lifetime lately (hi) has seen the Steve promo a billion times. See if you can stomach the full trailer, below.

I really don’t understand why the characters are ripping so hard on Mary Horowitz’s tacky red boots, since they strike me as possibly the best part of the movie. I’m also wondering…could All About Steve make a ton of money based on marquee names alone? Cooper’s The Hangover has grossed $268 million in 12 weeks. (And, possibly unrelated, Thomas Haden Church is hilarious.) If it does work out, Bullock could really be onto something here. I wonder if she should just abandon the high-drama roles (her blonde-banged mama-bear character in The Blind Side seems particularly unbearable) and commit wholeheartedly to films in which she beds every under-35 moneymaker in town.

Or, ideally, she should star in The Net 2: Whoa, Look How Far The Internet Has Come. But I’m guessing that won’t be happening.