Quick reminder that polls will close in our Guilty Pleasures tournament at the end of west coast business today. And while Miley Cyrus and Duran Duran fans should be ashamed at the total smackdowns their artists received — Nickelback actually came crawling back, believe it or not — there are still a few races close enough to be swayed this afternoon:

Barry Manilow (2) vs. Matchbox Twenty (15): I know you Matchbox fans have it in you!

Ace of Base (4) vs. Stone Temple Pilots (13): The battle for Leah Greenblatt’s soul continues…

Meat Loaf (5) vs. Garth Brooks (12): Secretly the same person?

Celine Dion (5) vs. Will Smith (12): How is this not a blowout, Celine fans? How??

George Michael/Wham (6) vs. Phil Collins/Genesis (11): Is a Collins win against all odds?

Get those last votes in, and then check back here Monday for an updated bracket and the start of Round Two, as our march towards the Greatest Guilty Pleasure of All Time continues.

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