By Jennifer Armstrong
August 27, 2009 at 02:07 PM EDT

This morning, CBS revealed the new cast for the upcoming Survivor: Samoa (which premieres Sept. 17) — and at first glance, it seems to include, among other things, an intriguing number of, ahem, older folks (that is, people over 30, ancient in the bikini-happy reality TV world). The entire list, just ahead…

DAVID BALL, 38, an LA fitness instructor

BETSY BOLAN, 48, a Campton, N.H., police officer

MIKE BORASSI, 62, a Marina del Rey, Calif., private chef

BEN BROWNING, 28, an LA mixologist

MARISA CALIHAN, 26, a Cincinnati student

ERIK CARDONA, 28, an Ontario, Calif., bartender

BRETT CLOUSER, 23, an LA T-shirt designer

JOHN FINCHER, 25, an LA rocket scientist

YASMIN GILES, 33, an LA hairstylist

RUSSELL HANTZ, 36, a Dayton, Texas, oil company owner

ELIZABETH KIM, 33, a New York City urban planner

LAURA MORETT, 39, a Salem, Oregon, office manager

MONICA PADILLA , 25, a San Diego law student

JAISON ROBINSON, 28, a Chicago law student

KELLY SHARBAUGH, 25, an LA hairstylist

RUSSELL SWAN, 42, a Glenside, Pa., attorney

ASHLEY TRAINER, 22, a Maple Grove, Minn., spa sales rep

MICK TRIMMING, 33, an LA doctor

SHANNON WATERS, 45, a Renton, Wash., sales rep

NATALIE WHITE, 26, a Van Buren, Ark., pharmaceutical sales rep

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are they setting up some sort of “old folks vs. young folks” battle? And how totally set are they if someone needs a new hairstyle, a drink, or defense in a court of law while they’re on the island?