By Margaret Lyons
August 27, 2009 at 05:58 PM EDT

Look, Jon Lovitz is a comedy god, but at a time when The Tonight Show is struggling for relevance and ratings, I can’t help but think appearances like this are why: It’s lukewarm at best, and seems like it could have been taped, oh, 10 years ago (if not for the glimpses of Bradley Cooper). Isn’t The Tonight Show supposed to be intensely of-the-moment and funny?

Bonus points for busting out a “that’s the ticket!,” but minus a point for doing a bit covering such well-worn, borderline dated territory as Scientology. Also, for the love of the styling gods, Lovitz, the necklace? The Chandler Bing shirt? Wear a suit! It’s The Tonight Show!

PopWatchers, this is why I’m not a late-night network person. What makes you tune in — or out?