With the news today that Summer Glau — of the late Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles — will be joining Dollhouse for a few episodes, and once more going to work for Joss Whedon (who first cast her in an episode of Angel before making her the damaged heart of Firefly), something has become clear: Dollhouse is a nerd-actor oasis.

Glau will be joining Battlestar Galactica veterans Jamie Bamber and Michael Hogan, as well as Buffy/Angel alum Alexis Denisof and Dexter‘s Keith Carradine — all of whom have signed on for the second season of Dollhouse. Which begs a question: Who else should book an appointment in the Dollhouse? I mean, if we’re gonna go this route, and stud the show with all these recognizable sci-fi faces, who would you like to see? (I’ve got my fingers crossed for Buck Rogers’ Erin Gray.)

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