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Two days ago, a colleague loaned me the screener of Bones‘ Sept. 17 season 5 premiere she’d been sent. (I got to keep the striped socks that came with it.) I procrastinated going home that night because I was obviously going to watch it, and if I didn’t like how it dealt with last season’s frustrating finale, there would be no way that the show could ever regain its status as my favorite from Burn Notice. And I wasn’t ready to deal with that possibility. Literally, I had to emotionally prepare to press play. As I finally slid the DVD into my laptop — which seemed a more fitting battleground than my flatscreen for this very personal war — I sighed “Let’s do it” aloud. Presumably, the “us” I was psyching up/putting on alert was myself and my sanity.

It’s at that moment that I realized Bones’ is the return I am most eagerly awaiting. (You won’t get spoilers from me — that’s what Ausiello’s for — but I will say that the premiere quickly explains the season 4 ender and is satisfying enough that I’m looking forward to recapping the show again on PopWatch.)

Which returning show’s premiere are you that invested in, and why? Embarrassing anecdotes about how you handled its season finale and anticipate behaving during its season premiere welcome and encouraged. We’re all friends here.

Photo Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/Fox

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