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I realize that I tend to do a lot of measuring in these recaps. “It’s been four/five/10 weeks since…” or “the number of Hoffisms emitted tonight…” or “300 mediocre performances later…”. All just ways that I mark time, attempting to keep myself sane on this deserted reality island we call America’s Got Talent. It’s just me and Wilson here, eating crab meat and learning to survi…hold up. Do you see that?! Out there, on the horizon!? Could it — are we being rescued?!?

Guys, the Top 20 has (finally) been selected!

Add to the roster ErIam, Drew Stevyns, Recycled Percussion, Barbara Padilla, and Erik and Rickie, all of whom emerged victorious from the last night of quarterfinal results. There were some curveballs thrown and some “shocking twists”, but barring one or two questionable nods, we got the five acts we expected.

Trotted out first were singing/dancing sisters ErIam and the singing/guitar-playing Drew Stevyns…BOTH of whom were passed on to the next round. Of course, this wasn’t without a “gotcha” of Michael-Scott proportions from Nick, who convinced ErIam that they would not be moving on before offering a toothy smile. The looks on their faces! Even Piers, card-carrying member of the Mean Brits society, was forced to nod disapprovingly.

Ten minutes later three more acts — African High Flyers, Pam Martin’s Top Dogs, and Coney Island Chris —  took center stage…and NONE of them advanced. “Gotcha!” The producers high-fived in the control room as their “just, like, do whatever” plan for the last quarterfinal results show continued on.

Recycled Percussion earned the next spot in the Top 20, leaving Bollywood dancers Ishaara and the eclectic Matt & Anthony behind. 7th place? That’s all you deemed Ishaara worthy of, America? For shame. While they weren’t the best dance group we’ve seen this season, they were far and away the best looking (are you reading this, purple-clad lead dancer?) — and me being the one who has to watch the show, well, I’m disappointed in your decision.

Barbara Padilla advanced, as she was destined to do (after the Lollipop Girls were booted). Which left Erik and Rickie and Mia Boostrom, two endearing if not totally polished acts who came in 5th and 6th place in viewer votes. Hoff votes kids. Sharon votes Mia. Piers thinks about it…then thinks about it some more… then says to the tiny dancers  “we know you guys are charming, but we have some good dance acts” (YOU HAVE SOME GOOD SINGING ACTS, TOO)…then gives the nod to Erik and Rickie.

So there you have it! Two months, several hundred performers, and approximately 1,200 Hoffisms later we’ve arrived at our talented Top 20, ready to bring the thunder starting next Tuesday night. Is the selection to your satisfaction? Did the judges make another wrong decision? Will this show ever actually end? Fill the comments section, guys.

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