By Mandi Bierly
August 25, 2009 at 03:07 PM EDT

With all the interest in the steady stream of rumors about Ed Swiderski‘s alleged lack of commitment to Bachelorette Jillian Harris (we have NO idea if they’re true, so we’ll send you here to read about them), we’re curious as to how many viewers actually stay invested in the Bachelor/Bachelorette couples after their season ends. I watched every episode of Jillian’s “journey,” texted my sister updates throughout the finale because my eight-month-old niece refused to fall asleep that night, live-blogged the After the Final Rose special, and I couldn’t care less. Partly because I expect every couple to fail and partly because they’re off my TV, so they’re no longer entertainment. Michael Slezak, however, does care. About Ed and Jillian, anyway. “The weird thing is, I have never cared if the ‘couple’ makes it after the show…It’d be like caring what happens to my Diet Coke can after I toss it in the recycle bin! But somehow Ed and Jillian…I got sucked in, and while that is hella embarrassing, I am now stuck hoping that the rumors are false and they get their (insert vomiting sound here) fairytale ending!”

To care or not to care, that is the question…

Photo Credit: Mario Perez/ABC