When I was coordinating the Must List, there would be an almost weekly deluge of suggestions for “Otalia” for the Reader’s Choice. Never heard of them? Then obviously you aren’t a Guiding Light fan. “Otalia” is the nickname for the characters Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera, two single moms who surprised themselves by falling in love, and consequently capturing a fervent online fanbase. As the venerable soap opera winds down to its final episode on Sept. 18, the NY Times ran a piece yesterday that may cheer up some viewers. Crystal Chappell, the longtime soap star who plays Olivia, will be launching a Web series called Venice in November in which she’ll star as gay woman in Venice Beach, Calif. Jessica Leccia, the actress who plays Natalia, has agreed to appear, and Chappell promises that their characters will do something that’s been avoided on Guiding Light so far: actually kiss. What do you think Otalia-ites? Are you going to be tuning in?