By Ken Tucker
Updated August 25, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Kate Gosselin gave a tight-lipped interview on Larry King Live tonight, doing her best to avoid bad-mouthing husband Jon, despite prodding from the Ol’ Suspendered Interrogator. She insisted she and Jon had a “peaceful custody” arrangement. She admitted, “My nature is to freak out, to be in control.” Nonetheless, she rather amazingly said the whole separation thing has been “a good experience.”

The CNN blog crawl showed viewers writing in comments like, “Kate really needs to stop acting like a celebrity” and “Kate is lovely, god bless her and the children.” Meanwhile, King was asking whether the presence of the cameras in filming Jon & Kate Plus Eight was harmful in any way to the children. “The kids are just playing in front of the cameras,” she maintained. Kate looked rather tense, but a big part of that may just have been any ordinary person’s reaction to Larry King’s quirky, stream-of-consciousness questioning, which leaps from subject to subject with few follow-ups.

A few interesting details were squeezed out of her, however. She said that TLC “has the editing rights” to the show and so she has no control over what’s shown on Jon & Kate.

Tantalizingly, in response to a question about her future, she said, “I have big dreams… I am very driven.” What could this mean? Does Kate want to host her own TLC talk show, giving advice to other parents? Does she want to replace Paula on American Idol?

Alas, Larry did not follow up. He just asked her about her past, pre-motherhood life, when she was a nurse. At one point, the CNN screen carried the banner, “Exclusive: Kate: the kids understand what’s going on, doing well.”

Pretty soon, Kate was gone and it was on to Kathie Lee Gifford; so it goes in CNN-world: everybody’s doing well.

Did you watch Kate Gosselin on Larry King Live?