Big Brother 11 has pulled some mean stunts in its time, but few as cruel as forcing us to listen to Casey — back on Tuesday night as a pre-recorded voice inside an ape idol — rapping riddles for the house guests in the “Power of Veto” competition. Casey’s lame rhythms and the hunt for the bananas (or as Jordan calls ’em, “ba-nay-nas”) was almost a turn-off.

(Aaaand, here’s your Spoiler Alert! Don’t read further if you don’t want to know who won the Power of Veto competition.)

The hour was padded out nicely with some fresh friction between Jeff and Jordan. Jeff was getting understandably worried and annoyed that Jordan isn’t pulling her weight in the competitions. “I need help from you,” he said frankly. In response to the new Grumpy Jeff, Jordan just got sulky. “I don’t like this Jeff. I like the other Jeff,” she told us.

Meanwhile, Russell was building up a good head of steam over the possibility of being back-doored. “You thought it was bad with Chima?” he said. “I will f—in’ go off. I will lose it!”

Well, he lost in a different way: he lost the POV, which Jeff won — and put up Russell. I think Russell has a point when he said that Jeff is now a big target with too much power, and Kevin is proving a sly manipulator who very sensibly has allegance to… no one. That’s the way to play the game, and only he and Michele are doing so.

Did you watch? Do you think Jordan made a mistake lying around listening to Bob Marley when she shoulda been a-studyin’? Did Jeff make a mistake in taking Kevin off the block?

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