We know we’re teetering on Alexander Skarsgard overload (or, maybe that’s just me, someone who watched two of his Swedish films on YouTube last weekend), but with only two episodes left in True Blood‘s second season, we have to find every semi-legitimate excuse to write about him now. So, suck it up! Today, Skarsgard turns 33. Since we’ve already covered his hotness, Eric’s hotness, and why Sookie is drawn to Eric’s hotness, we thought we’d celebrate by listing the things we’re grateful to Sweden for producing. (That torso goes without saying.)

Annie Barrett: The film Let the Right One In, IKEA, Double Chocolate Crisps by Gille, 10 percent of the music on my iPod (the Knife, Jenny Wilson, Robyn, Lykke Li, Kleerup, etc.; plus, no one is allowed to forget “Lovefool” by the Cardigans)

Michael Slezak: [First response] Ummmmm…urrrrrr. [Second response] I j’adore Isabella Rossellini, and her mother is Swedish! I can’t really get with IKEA, though… I’m more of a West Elm kind of gay. [Third response] Oh, and ABBA, OBVS!

Margaret Lyons: Did everyone else already say ABBA? But only ONE of us plays “Super Trouper” on the ukulele.

Marc Bernardin: The Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show, IKEA’s ‘balls, their Bikini Team.

Me: My friend Eva Ingvarson, one of my 10 favorite people on the planet and the person who taught me about the Swedes’ love of “poo humor” (they teach ’em young), the Donald Duck Christmas special, and aquavit (technically, that was her father, Bror, at a Lucia fete 10 years ago); Swedish Fish (A Friend You Can Eat™ while playing pinball with your dad — good memories); the fun house’s moving staircase at Stockholm’s Grona Lund (I missed it but my friends’ reenactments were priceless); Ann-Margaret (sexy from Bye Bye Birdie to Grumpy Old Men); Magnus Samuelsson (I enjoy the World’s Strongest Man competition); the ICEHOTEL (I think I’d have fun lamenting what a bad idea it actually was for me to go while still there); ABBA.

Your turn.

Photo Credit: HBO

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