When I think of all the hours I’ve spent in the various Mario environs, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the volume of Mario-related videos out there. But when this well-executed Mario Kart video surfaced this week, it was clearly time to take some kind of Internet inventory:

Let’s warp!

So clearly, the above vid owes at least a tip of its hat to Remi Gaillard’s viral megahit that similarly puts Mario Kart in the real world, although even more real-ly:

And there are plenty of other “Mario in our world” videos, like “Mario: Game Over,” another classic:

More recently, it seems reenacting aspects of the game have been en vogue, like this live-action re-imagination that was on India’s Got Talent earlier this summer…

(Which then brought to mind this other live-action re-imagination):

Also making the rounds in recent weeks was this fantastic string quintet, who play dressed as, yes, Mario et al. (The Mario portion starts at 5:18 and sounds amazing):

That performance is in a lot of ways a tribute to the famed “Nintendo Choir”:

And that’s not even scratching the College Humor surface. There’s the sorta dirty sex tape, “Luigi Finally Snaps,” Bowser’s minions clue him in, among dozens of others.

These were just the first ones that came to mind. What are you favorite Mario videos, PopWatchers? What did I miss?