By Michael Slezak
Updated August 24, 2009 at 01:01 PM EDT

File under: It’s too early (in the morning, in the week, in my life) for this. A new British PSA attempting to discourage teenagers from texting while driving is actually a four-minute, 15-second journey into YouTube hell. If the graphic, slo-mo head-on collision doesn’t have you covering your bleary eyes in horror, then perhaps the followup, side-impact crash will accomplish that task. By the time the video reaches the two-minute mark — where a toddler in the back seat of one of the affected vehicles chants “mommy, daddy wake up,” and paramedics try to get a response from her shocked infant sibling –you’ll be in the emotional fetal position, guaranteed. My question is: Does this PSA go too far with its grim, blood-spattered imagery and 255-second running time? I’m inclined to answer “no.” After all, instances of texting-while-driving accidents are on the rise, and the ad’s targeted teenage audience is a notoriously tough one to reach. And ultimately, I’d rather see this horror show staged for a camera crew than unfolding on a highway near me. Check it out for yourself, then vote in our poll below!