First, hurricane Chima swept though the house. Then Lydia officially went off her rocker. Now we’re the ones going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs as we struggle to make sense of it all. On the latest episode of Must List Live!, Josh Wolk and I sift through the wreckage while tackling all the hot button Big Brother questions: Which contestant is playing the game the best? Who will go next? Are Jeff and Jordan America’s sweethearts, or simply the stupidest couple ever? And, most important of all, who was more annoying: Chima or Lydia? Along the way, sparks will fly as America grants Josh a secret power that can be used at the beginning of the show. Dare he bust it out and risk suffering my wrath? The answer awaits in the video below as we present what can only be described as the most explosive Must List Live! to date! Take a look, then tell us who you think has the best chance to win below.

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