Halloween II writer and directorRob Zombie tells EW he doesn’t know how the unused trailer for his movie (in theaters Aug. 28) leaked to the website Bloody Disgusting on Wednesday, but that he is grateful that it’s out there and that it has been so well-received by the public. “When I first saw the trailer [cut by the company Buddha Jones], I went, ‘This is the f—ing movie we made.’ And then [Dimension Films] was like, ‘We don’t want to use it, we don’t like it,’ and they just threw it away. Then they cut all these other trailers that just look like generic, stupid f—ing slasher movie trailers, and I was f—in’ pissed. In fact, I wrote this long letter to the promotion department: ‘I hate these trailers and these TV spots, and I f—in’ hate you.’ You spend forever trying to craft something special and they’re gonna market it like a generic piece of ’80s slasher movie sh– because they think audiences are so f—ing stupid they can’t understand anything else. That trailer leaked from wherever, and I’m thrilled. The response has been like, ‘Wow, I didn’t want to see this movie until I saw this trailer.'”

“We think the official trailer and this alternate version are both great,” says Dimension’s EVP of Creative Marketing Jeff Elefterion. “They both represent the picture well, but we feel the cut we went with was the right choice and it has done a fantastic job of getting the fans excited about this sequel.” The new trailer features many of the same clips as previous spots for the movie, but a slower pace and the prominent use of the Moody Blues’ song “Nights in White Satin,” which gives it a distinctly different feel. “The Moody Blues song is very important within the actual movie,” Zombie says. “That trailer, that’s our movie.”

This isn’t the first beef Zombie has had with the marketing of his films. “It was a huge problem when I made [2005’s] The Devil’s Rejects for Lionsgate,” he says. “That was from start to finish a wonderful experience — until it came time to market the movie. I go, ‘We kinda made this weird post-modern Western. They go, ‘We don’t care, we’re marketing it like it’s Saw.’ I go, ‘Well it’s not Saw. People that would like it are not gonna go see it, and people who think it’s Saw are gonna be so disappointed.’ For years and years afterward, people would be like, ‘I finally saw that movie. I love it. It’s totally not what I thought it was. It’s like this weird Peckinpah movie.’ I go, ‘I know!’ Ugggh. Now I’m going through the same thing again. What pisses me off is when you see something like District 9. When someone finally does a really interesting marketing campaign, it works because people are so jaded you need to give them something interesting.”

We’ll have to wait to see if the leak pays off in box office receipts (2007’s Halloween, Zombie’s first crack at reviving the franchise, grossed more than $80 million worldwide). But for now, there is a bit of a happy ending: “I wrote the marketing guys a thank you note,” Zombie says. “I said, ‘I don’t know if you guys leaked this, but thank you if you did.'”

Photo Credit: Marsha LaMarca