By Ken Tucker
Updated August 21, 2009 at 06:16 AM EDT

Coming from an addiction standpoint, to paraphrase new Project Runway contestant Jonny, the sixth-season premiere didn’t leave me feeling as though I was going to get hooked.

I mean, I’m sure I will; I’ll keep watching. It’s bound to get better. But didn’t this new Runway seem a tad tired? (And before I go further, let me quickly add: For an alternate take, read the TV Watch by my colleague, the sage Missy Schwartz.)

The relocation to Los Angeles didn’t add much — as was pointed out, this is a series that takes place primarily indoors anyway. And the first challenge, to create a dress suitable for a red-carpet event, for which everyone was dragged out to the Emmy Awards set for “color,” only made me fear that too many future challenges are going to be glitzy glam-fests with cameos by stars.

Certainly the one they pulled in this night was a dimmed one: Lindsay Lohan, all frown ‘n’ glower, was a guest judge. Is there a former child star whose charm hasn’t merely faded but has rotted into haughty hostility more thoroughly than Lohan’s? Even her praise for certain dresses arrived with a sneer.

Of the contestants, I found myself rooting most for Rodney Epperson, who seems like someone who’s going to at the least bring some intelligent maturity to his work and his justifications for it. I’d also like Malvin to stay around simply to see how he shapes that black-meat-loaf-shaped head of hair of his every week. And I’m glad Jonny has overcome his crystal meth habit, but I do hope Tim Gunn doesn’t have to do any more hand-holding psychobabbling to keep Jonny on an even emotional keel.

Oh, well, they’ll all make it work, right?

Were you a bit underwhelmed by Runway‘s premiere, or did you like it more than I did?