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Fashion is subjective. We know that. Even loud-mouthed, egomaniacal Santino knows that. But some decisions just make no freakin’ sense, no matter how many ways you twist, turn, and contort your brain trying to find some semblance of a logical explanation.

Last night’s Project Runway: All Star Challenge was one of these cases. As the episode inched to a close and only Daniel Vosovic and Korto Momolu — both runners-up in their respective seasons — were left standing on the runway, I could not imagine how the feisty mom with a passion for bold prints could not be crowned the winner. Her mini-collection showed range, polish, and both a keen understanding and appreciation for how clothing should fit a woman’s body. It was stunning. Daniel’s designs, on the other hand…I just don’t know what to say. I was a big fan of the guy when he was on season 2, but last night he left me so cold I thought I might have cranked up the A.C. too high in my apartment.

The stretchy blue-white-black separates were one thing. But that shiny black dress that the judges mooned over and seemed to be the tie-breaker? What?! It looked like someone doused the sides with Wite-Out, then held it all together with push pins. And someone is going to wear this to the Nine premiere! Still, I guess that’s better than getting stuck with his results from the restaurant challenge — a true horror. While Korto made a sophisticated black dress that would flatter a woman of any shape, Daniel’s looked like a fourth grader’s misguided Halloween costume. What the hell were those creepy tubes gathered around the model’s waist like a belt of asbestos-ridden insulation tubes? Who could pull that off? More importantly, who would want to pull that off? When it comes to dissing this dress, I must tip my hat to reader Mark in FL, who posted this hilarious comment on my Project Runway TV Watch earlier today: “Daniel does a ‘suicide bomber’ dress & wins the challenge/$100,000. Really? Are you frickin’ kidding me?!?! It was a heinous ‘suicide bomber’ dress! Did no one notice this? Only in NYC could this be considered fashion forward! Absolutely ridiculous.” A suicide bomber dress! Thank you for that, Mark in FL. Your description is perfect.

He and I are not the only ones in disbelief, at least according to a poll on Blogging Project Runway: 55 percent of respondents think Korto should have won. Uli comes in second with 15 percent — and she really did get short-shrift last night, poor gal — and Daniel rolls in third with 11 percent.

I suppose I should take heart that ultimate mean-boy Jeffrey and his cohort Santino got their comeuppance and didn’t make the final four. (Sweet P, though? I like the gal, but I totally do not get the appeal of her latest home-sewn frill-fest.) I’m just supremely ticked off for Korto. Girlfriend, if you’re reading this, you were robbed! You have my support!

What do you think? Are you as befuddled as I am today?

PHOTO CREDIT: David Russell/Lifetime

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