By Kerrie Mitchell
Updated August 21, 2009 at 09:13 PM EDT

Rotten Tomatoes runs down Brad Pitt’s top 10 best-reviewed movies using their special Tomatometer. The results will give dedicated fans a lot to chew on, but one question I’d like to throw out there for discussion: Why is it that some of Pitt’s best-reviewed movies aren’t the ones he’s starred in? The Tomatometer ranks 1993’s True Romance as No. 1, an odd winner in my mind, not because True Romance isn’t a great movie — it most certainly is — but because Pitt is barely in it at all. Yes, he’s got a sweet little cameo as honeybear-toking stoner Floyd, but the movie is chock full of splashy cameos. Among the other films on the list where Pitt is a strong, albeit supporting, player: Thelma and Louise, Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve Monkeys, and Burn After Reading. Even his masterpiece performance in A River Runs Through It (No.6 on the list) is arguably a supporting role. Is Pitt at his absolute best when he gets to play with a killer ensemble? Or is the Tomatometer totally off the mark?