Kris Allen is a man of contradictions. The American Idol season 8 champ is scared of Twitter, and yet at the same time, loves the concise social-networking site. He’s reluctant to give scoop about his hotly anticipated debut disc, and yet he gives Idolatry exclusive info about his two newest songwriting collaborators. He reads tour reviews — even the too-cool-for-the-room negative ones — and yet ultimately, he doesn’t give a hoot about what he refers to as the “blahdee blah blah-blah.” (And this is why we love him.) Press play below to see what Kris reveals about himself (and where he chooses to remain coy) from his tour stop in Albany, N.Y. There’s Bonus Wolfgang, and even a Bonus Anoop reference (from Kris’ own lips, so pay attensh)!

Also, note to @KrisAllen4Real: If you’re going to follow me on Twitter, as you unsuccessfully attempted to do during the filming of this video, you’ve got to add an EW before my name…as in @EWMichaelSlezak! Make it happen, sir…I’ve got close to 82,00o followers to entice before I catch up with you! And to quote Velma Kelly in Chicago, I simply cannot do it alone! Also, coming over the next week to will be interviews with the following: Matt “reminds my mom of Jerry Lee Lewis” Giraud, Anoop “gets you weak-kneed on the big notes” Desai, Megan “doesn’t hold back in an interview” Joy, Lil “the shoes on her feet…she bedazzled ’em” Rounds, and Danny “turns the tables (not literally) on Slezak” Gokey! (Sorry, fans of Kradison, but Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta had the day off from doing on-camera press in Albany, but we’ll catch up with ’em soon.)