The moment a grateful filmgoing nation has waited for is here — the first widely available look at James Cameron’s decades-in-the-making sci-fi wonderama, Avatar. I know there will be, like, two-plus more hours when it unspools this December, so this teaser barely scratches the surface of what the movie is actually about…but I’m kind of underwhelmed. There’s a definite Attack of the Clones vibe to the creatures — which feel like beasts from the sketchbook of an insanely talented 12-year-old — and the world, while expertly realized, just doesn’t carry the charge of the New. I feel like I’ve seen the same landscape on the side of at least one stoner’s van back when I was in high school (the dude who listened to a whole lot of Rush and Yes and quoted Tolkien to score with theater chicks).

It’s entirely possible that the director who gave us The Terminator and Aliens has a whole lot more up his sleeve; all I can say is, I hope so. Where do you come down on the Avatar teaser? Impressed or depressed?