A new report claims that people love their iPhones but they hate AT&T.* Uh, me too! I think most iPhone folk would agree that while the gizmo itself is a treat, the network coverage leaves something to be desired. And that something is network coverage.

But is that really just iPhone customers and AT&T, I wonder? Have you ever heard anyone claim to love their cellphone provider? I haven’t. The New York Times’ David Pogue is so put off by those annoying and pointless “to leave a callback number” messages, he organized a Take Back the Beep campaign to put pressure on the four big carriers to make their services more explicitly customer-oriented, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If there were a cellphone genie granting wishes up in here, I’d love to be able to use any phone I wanted — particularly whizbang cool ones that are currently only available in Japan. What would you wish for, PopWatchers, other than free phones and service plans for all?

*I can’t find a copy of this report anywhere, and I wonder about its methodology and sample size — 200 people seems small (other comparable studies survey 25,000 consumers), especially based on the variety of geographic factors that could affect answers, so let’s all grab our grains of salt.