DJ Hero doesn’t come out until October, but it’s not the only turntable game in town: Hip Hop All Star, for ye olde iPhone or iPod touch, scratches (get it?!) more or less the same itch. Play as one of four DJs — including actual person DJ Green Lantern — and, as in other games in the genre, tap when the spirit says tap. Er, when the buttons line up.

HHAS comes out Sept. 13, but I got to try it this week, and my real-life DJ skills (do you guys not want to listen to the same Blind Pilot song on repeat, literally for hours? Too bad, that’s what I’m playing!) miraculously did not inhibit my in-game ones. You can’t even believe how badly I want to make a Spinderella reference right now, but it will just make me seem old and out of touch, so instead I’ll just say that pretending to scratch records is totally fun, and making a contest out of it even more so.

The full track list of playable jams on HHAS is after the jump:

Busta Rhymes “Where’s My Money”

Mya “Let’s Go to War”

Slim Thug “Smile”

Kool G Rap “”G’d Up”

Unk “She’s Freaky”

Kid Kudi “Any Love”

Ray J “She’s Freaky”

DJ Green Lantern “Where’s My Money”

Jason Nevins “Bring it On Back”

DJ KO “Hip Hop All Star”

Greg Nice “Hip Hop All Star”

DJ Eclipse “Cut The Record”

DJ Serafin “When the Party Started”

DJ Eddie James “Turn it Up,” “Real Hot”

Ike Lees “Turn It Up”

Alana “Turn it Up”

Scarchild “Bring it on Back”

Do you think DJ games are the next big thing, PopWatchers, or are you sticking to your guitars and drums?