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For a band fronted by a 16-year-old, the Pretty Reckless has already accomplished plenty: Star-studded gigs, Twitter feuds with Courtney Love, the works. Did I mention that the Pretty Reckless’ teenaged frontperson is in fact actress Taylor Momsen, best known as Gossip Girl‘s Jenny Humphrey?

So, okay, this fact likely accounts for much of the attention that the Pretty Reckless has received thus far. But! They are also a totally okay band on their own merits, as evidenced by the two new demos just posted on their MySpace. “He Loves You” and “Zombie,” both solidly serviceable tunes, share a catchy grunge-pop vibe. I’m particularly partial to the latter, though that might have something to do with the way its chorus shamelessly shoplifts from Stone Temple Pilots’ “Sex Type Thing.” (Or not: Momsen was born almost an entire year after that song came out. Scary, isn’t it?)

Click over to the Pretty Reckless’ MySpace to give the demos a listen, then weigh in: What do you think of this Gossip Girl‘s musical future?

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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos