Big Brother fans who are hungry for additional details on Chima Simone’s surprise departure on Aug. 15 will finally get their wishes granted in tonight’s heavily touted episode. Indeed, CBS has been making hay out of her much talked-about ouster by continually promoting the episode, first during the PGA Championship on Sunday and then throughout its Monday comedy lineup (sample spot: “Chima unraveled…and was expelled from the Big Brother house! See what happened on a can’t miss episode!”) Fans technically don’t have to wait until tonight’s episode to get the story behind her eviction; multiple fansites that subscribe to the 24/7 feed have documented Chima’s final acts of defiance, including her throwing a mic in the pool. But even with that real-time info, house followers will want to see how the network depicts her final hours in the house tonight.

For now, insiders at CBS are mum about the contents of tonight’s episode, other than confirming that destruction of property (as in the microphone) is what ultimately prompted her ouster. Sadly, Simone isn’t talking: Though she gave an email interview to, CBS appears to have put a halt to any further talks since she remains under contract with CBS and is apparently not permitted to talk to the media. (If you’re keeping score, Simone was the third house guest in Big Brother’s history to get evicted by the producers. The first was BB2’s Justin, who held a knife to a woman’s throat, and the second was BB4’s Scott, who was increasingly uncooperative and threw a chair. BB 9’s Neil was taken out of the house, but it was due to a personal emergency.)

The lingering question now is how Big Brother fills Chima’s spot in the jury house; without her, there will be six votes for the winner instead of seven, leaving open the possibility of a draw. Though there are plenty of fans who think Ronnie could make a triumphant return, the prevailing theory is that the producers will give America the potentially tie-breaking seventh vote. But is it fair to give viewers even more power over the final outcome, after they were already responsible for a major flip in the house? In his post-eviction EW interview, Jessie made a convincing argument that he played the game fair and square by shrewdly aligning with the stronger side of the house, but America undermined his legitimate strategy by handing Jeff the Coup d’Etat. (And how did Jeff earn such a privilege? By being hot and popular, of course). The Coup d’Etat enabled Jeff to overrule Chima’s nominations and put Jessie and Natalie up, instead; Jessie went home on a 4-3 vote.

What do you think? Should America be allowed to influence the game twice in the same season? Or should an evictee get the chance to fill the coveted spot in the jury house?

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