“Chima is a diva,” said Jordan. (Frankly, I’m surprised Jordan knows the meaning of “diva,” but that’s for another post… ) The Tuesday edition of Big Brother 11 finally showed us some of what led, as EW reported this weekend, to Chima Simone being “expelled” from the Big Brother house. (Don’t read further if you don’t want the details of this episode.)

After saying, “I’m not giving them the satisfaction of voting me out,” Chima started refusing to wear the microphone all contestants must use 24/7 while in the house. She cursed repeatedly, and threatened the producers that she would “have the FCC on your ass real quick.” When she threw her microphone into a pool of water, ruining the equipment, BB executive producer Allison Grodner got on the house intercom.

Grodner informed the household that Chima was “expelled” for “willfully destroying her microphone… a big violation… and multiple rule violations.”

Gotta say, Michele was a lot more gracious than I would have been when BB sprang its next announcement: she was relieved of her “duties as Head of Household” and wasn’t allowed to compete in a new, golfing competition. Doesn’t seem fair to underdog Michele, but, hey, I don’t want Allison Grodner coming to my house and expelling me…

Anyway, post-Hurricane Chima, the house remained stirred up. Lydia started non-stop yelling, calling Jordan “a ho puppet” and alternately raging and crying. My favorite moment occurred when Lydia railed against Jeff and what she called his “coup de crap power that America handed you!” Awww, that’s no way to win over the TV audience, Lydia.

As for Natalie, she just started making up words: “I want vindiction [sic]!” she bellowed.

So: What do you think? Did Chima deserve to be expelled? Jordan made the night’s best comment: “Is this all happening because Jessie got evicted? Because this is ridiculous!”

And speaking of Jessie: Be sure to check out the already-legendary interview EW’s Supreme Brother Lover, Lynette Rice, conducted with Jessie “I’m A Superstar” Godderz, below: