By Ken Tucker
August 16, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

As has been reported by Lynette Rice, Chima Simone is gone from the Big Brother 11 house, although the reasons for this exit remain unclear even after tonight’s episode. (Spoiler Alert!)

Chima was certainly front and center tonight, taking a prominent role in what was called a “pity party” for the evicted Jesse. As Chima, Lydia, and Natalie cried and said things like, “[Jesse] would pray for all of us all the time,” their ostensible ally Kevin had enough perspective to say to the camera about Jesse, “This is ridonkulous! The guy was an idiot!”

Chima expressed a lot of hostility toward Jeff throughout tonight’s hour for using the “coup d’etat” to replace her eviction nominations last Thursday. The most fascinating part of tonight’s edition was the rarely-broadcast footage of the conversation that occurs just after the eviction nominations. “I am livid… You’re disloyal,” said Chima to Jeff. Russell got a curt, “Kiss my a–.”

I have to say, Chima’s anger wasn’t nearly as vehement as some of Russell’s rants in the past. I know a lot of viewers turned on Chima when, previously, she referred to Russell as a “terrorist.” That is a very loaded word. But in the sense that the muscled mixed-martial-artist has hounded and berated many contestants in an intimidating manner, Chima’s accusation isn’t out of bounds for a reality show that encourages overstatement.

CBS was clearly padding the hour to extend Chima’s exit until Tuesday. There were moments that were both cute (Jeff and Jordan’s playful “engagement”) and tedious (Lydia’s insufferable cooing over her stuffed unicorn). It was weird watching, knowing that Chima is gone in real-time, while we watch these banalities in BB house-time.

Chima said at the end of this episode, as she was put up for eviction, “I don’t care.” As EW has reported, the producers say Chima is out because she broke the rules of the game, and Chima counter-claims that she quit. It sounds as though she may have given up largely because of Jesse’s eviction. If so, as my colleague “Jesuitical” Josh Wolk has written, “Really, Chima? You’re going to go on a game and then get mad at people for playing the game?” HOH Michele did give Chima credit for being “the smartest in the house.”

In any case, a voiceover at the end of tonight’s hour intoned, “Tune in Tuesday night as one house-guest self-destructs and is removed from the game!” I wonder how much of the truth we’ll be seeing. I want Chima to have her day in court — er, in Big Brother confession-room-testimony — not 45 minutes of stuffed unicorns and a few moments of Chima made to “disappear” like a political prisoner.

What do you think? Will you be watching on  Tuesday?

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