A week after we all indulged in some serious reminiscing about the master of 1980s teen angst, John Hughes, Hollywood announced today that it’s got more ’80s nostalgia up its sleeve: the Brat Pack-flick-to-end-all-Brat Pack flicks, St. Elmo’s Fire, is being reworked as a dramedy TV series for ABC. The 1985 original, directed by Joel Schumacher, starred a veritable who’s-who of young stars of the Reagan era: Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Mare Winningham. They played recent Georgetown University grads figuring out how to be proper yuppies grown-ups.

Good idea, or further proof of Hollywood’s lack of original thought? Since I suspect the answer to that question will depend largely on casting, let’s help out the producers — they include Schumacher and Topher Grace — by throwing some ideas their way, shall we? For now, it’s unclear whether Grace will take a role for himself, but if he did, the former That 70s Show-er could nab the McCarthy role, a sullen dude in love with the girlfriend of one of his best friends. She was originally played by Sheedy, and the wonderful Alia Shawat from Arrested Development could do a fine job bringing her back to life with some razor-sharp comedic timing. (That is, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Arrested Development movie! Otherwise, hands off, Joel!) Maybe the recently fired Rachelle Lefevre could take over where Moore left off, playing the hedonistic party girl of the group. Or…Megan Fox? Ha ha ha! It’s completely far-fetched and will never happen, but I’m laughing myself silly imagining the loud-mouthed Transformers star sporting too much pink and lots of high hair on the small screen.

As for the other roles, I’ll leave that to you, PopWatchers. We need a waiter/aspiring lawyer (Estevez), a saxophonist bad boy (Lowe), a ruthless politician (Nelson), and a shy virgin (Winningham). What combination of young actors could get together and — cringe alert! — revive the original gang’s trademark “boogada boogada boogada, ha ha ha!” rallying cry?PHOTO CREDIT: Everett Collection