Well, Jeff made Big Brother history last night when he used the coup d’etat power that America awarded him (as a reminder, America voted to give Jeff the ability to replace one or both of the House Guests who were up for nomination at either last week’s eviction or this week’s). Although we introduced the coup d’etat power during Big Brother All-Stars, it was not used. I have to say it’s been fun to experience the amount of energy and anticipation that built up to last night’s eviction. How does everyone feel about last night’s results?


Winner: Chima

The night before, Big Brother played a series of voice messages left by Big Brother fans as a result of our latest “Call To Action.” The House Guests were then asked true/false questions based on the voice messages. Thanks to all the fans who participated!

Chima began her week as the HOH by immediately lining up Lydia and Russell for nominations. Jessie and Natalie originally tried to persuade Chima to consider Michele for a nomination, but Russell’s increasingly paranoid behavior forced the two to back off and get in line with Chima who’s been obsessing over sending Russell out the door for his lies and actions towards her. We all know the fights continued between Russell and Chima this week…no need for me to rehash, I’m feeling like a broken record on this subject!

CHIMA: “I’m about to turn this tie around my head in to a noose.”


Winners: Jordan, Jessie, Natalie, and Russell.

  • There were 82 different sales tools in the backyard for the House Guests to grab.
  • Both cars the House Guests used to stuff the sales tool into were 1970 vista cruisers.

The Have Nots were given slop, liver, and limes as their weekly food rations. How funny was Lydia’s non-reaction to actor Jeremy Piven when he stopped by the house to let them know the winners would see a screening of his new film, The Goods? I loved that he called her out as his guess for the first person to “lose it.” I think she made him nervous!

Lydia wonders why they don’t have a Chia Pet.

RUSSELL: “We do. It walks and laughs.”

(I included this quote because I’ve actually heard that some fans have good-naturedly dubbed Russell a Chia Pet because his hair grows so quickly…kind of ironic!)

VETO COMPETITION – “Flown the Coop”

Winner: Kevin

  • There were a total of 16 pieces of giant, oversized bacon in the backyard.
  • From the bottom hole to the top hole the Houseguests had to get their egg up approximately 95 inches. That’s almost 8 feet!

Six players were stationed outside giant chicken coops. The goal was to get the eggs out of the coop by passing their fingers through the openings of the fence and maneuvering an egg inch by inch, up and over the fence to the other side of the yard. Kevin was the first player to grab 10 eggs from their chicken coop to win the Power of Veto.

I was surprised to see Lydia and Kevin get in a fight over the Power of Veto. I think Kevin was smart to hang on to it, and I ultimately think Lydia understood but she was definitely not happy about it.

LYDIA on Trust: “Last week I had to trust the words of my fellow House Guests they would keep me over RON. This week I have to trust in words again with people that voted to evict me last week. It’s kind of a mad house crazy tea party, if you will.”

LYDIA: “I am going to enjoy my self-pity nap.”

Jeff wallowed in a bit of self-pity as well after being told that he had to stay on an additional day’s worth of Have-Not duty due to his gulp of Gatorade on Monday. It was funny that he blamed Lydia for ratting him out, despite the dozens of cameras and microphones available that are recording his every move and word!

Oh, and how about the newfound friendship between Natalie and Lydia? For those who didn’t see the live feeds, they completely bonded while having a personal discussion. Natalie later told Lydia that if she were a guy, they would date!! Natalie says that Lydia “intrigues” her and she now likes her. Jessie, meanwhile, was looking like his dreams had come true. Lydia said that Natalie has grown on her, as well. The two then hugged it out. Natalie began to open up more and talk about how much she misses her father. She says she’s a tough girl, but she gets really emotional when it comes to her dad. Later in the evening, Lydia made grilled cheese sandwiches for both Natalie and Jessie!! Granted, she voted to evict her last night, but we all know she’d never go after Jessie.

Kudos to Jeff for playing the role of Village Idiot when he knew he had the Coup d’etat “Wizard Power.” Jordan’s jaw dropping to the floor when he stood up to use it was downright hilarious (and should be a clear indication that he didn’t tell ANYONE in the house that he had it…need I remind the naysayers that our cameras roll 24/7…if he had, we would have known!! Of course, some of the House Guests suspected he did, but it was never confirmed until he stood up during last night’s show.

CHIMA on Mystery Power: “Jeff does not like yelling or drama and if he uses that, it will be drama directed at him.”

Natalie to Jessie (after he got involved with a discussion about an accusation that she felt had nothing to do with them): Thanks to you, I’m gonna get my ass wizzed out of this sh*t.”

*I just found Natalie’s quote funny…she was so mad at Jessie about that!


JORDAN: “I felt smelly last night.”

JEFF: “She turned her back on me, like a 360, or, uh, 180, or whatever.”

JORDAN to JEFF: “I told you. No more kissin’.”

JORDAN (while completely failing to slice a pineapple): “Gosh dang, I am having a time with this.”

Well, needless to say, Natalie and Chima were extremely upset by Jessie’s sudden departure. Regarding my conversation with Jessie when he left the house and described his relationship with Lydia as strictly platonic…really? With Michele now Head Of Household, it’ll be interesting to see if Chima’s idea of an all-girl alliance will prevail.


In all your time at Big Brother, did you secretly root for anyone or do you try your best to remain neutral? Who is your favorite player of all-time?

JULIE: I try to remain neutral, but Chenbot is human after all. Season 1, I liked Cassandra because she came across as a mature, classy woman. I don’t ever root for anyone in particular, but I do like seeing the interesting characters stay in the game as long as possible.

I often wonder if it is hard to interview some of the meaner House Guests such as Ronnie? I know you are a professional, but it has to be cringe-worthy to hear how mean they can get.

I try to give the House Guests the benefit of the doubt and try not to judge them. The key thing is, I’ve never been in their shoes and never tried to play the game. If they’ve just gotten evicted, I don’t want to kick them when they’re down, but I do want to ask the questions everyone at home is screaming at their television.

Julie, have you ever had a problem with your microphone being on when you thought it was off and the HGs hearing your comments? Especially before they walk into the Diary Room to vote live, you make some comments that are fantastic but are influential if the HGs were ever to hear them.

No, thank goodness, our audio engineers are on top of their game to make sure that NEVER happens.

When can we expect another All-Stars season?

Who knows…expect the unexpected!

Is there anywhere I can catch seasons 1 and 2, maybe in reruns or on DVD? I just love this show and can’t wait until summer comes to watch it. I even faithfully watched the winter season last year.

Unfortunately, seasons 1 and 2 are not available on DVD, but I’ve been told folks have been able to find various forms on the Internet.

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