Meryl Streep is already generating a heaping portion of Oscar buzz for her winning lead turn in Nora Ephron’s Julie & Julia, but there’s a tasty side dish in the film that I’m worried might get overshadowed: Namely, Jane Lynch’s performance as Dorothy McWilliams, beautifully gawky sister of Streep’s Julia Child. In the course of just a few scenes, Lynch manages to bring to life all the mysterious joy and excitement of sisterhood. Indeed, when Dorothy finally crosses the pond to reunite with Julia — remember, their separation was endured without the modern pleasures of Skype or email or all that good stuff we now take for granted — their effervescent reaction is as real and delicious as the boeuf bourguignon and chocolate-almond cakes that take such prominent roles in the film.

So who’s with me on the campaign to at least get Lynch in the running for Best Supporting Actress? And while we’re at it: Shouldn’t we start a parallel petition in the Best Supporting Actor category for costar Stanley Tucci? Sign on the dotted line below if you agree!

Photo credit: Jonathan Wenk